१६ चैत्र २०७९, बिहीबार | Thu Mar 30 2023

UML’s suggestion for Prachanda to resign as Prime Minister

Kathmandu, March 17: CPN-UML has suggested the resignation of Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachand’. Deputy Head of Publicity Department Bishnu Rizal, who is also a central member of UML, has suggested on Friday to resign as Prime Minister on the basis of ethics and become the Prime Minister on the basis of support of Nepali Congress. He suggested that he became the Prime Minister on the basis of UML’s support through social media and because of the withdrawal of his support, he resigned and became the Prime Minister again.

He said, “Pushpakamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ was appointed as Prime Minister on 10th December 2079 with the support of CPN (UML). However, now he has chosen Nepali Congress as his companion and CPN (UML) has withdrawn its support. Along with this, the political basis when he was appointed as the prime minister has ended. In such a situation, it is political and moral honesty for him to resign from the position he got with the support of UML and appoint him as Prime Minister with the support of Nepali Congress.

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