१६ चैत्र २०७९, बिहीबार | Thu Mar 30 2023

Lack of medicine is a problem for patients

Rukum 21 Feb: In Rukum (East) Hospital, patients are facing problems due to lack of sufficient medicine. The patients got into trouble after not getting enough of the usual medicines in the district hospital. Around 50 to 70 patients come to the hospital located in Sisne Rural Municipality-5 of the district.

There is a situation where the patient has to go directly to the doctor to buy the medicine after being examined at the hospital and handed over the documents. It was announced that district hospital services will be provided from the place where the Rukumkot health post is located before 7th January 2074. Accordingly, the then Chief Minister Shankar Pekharel inaugurated the hospital on the 5th of Mangsir 2076 after transferring the health post of Sisne-5 to another place.


Bal Bahadur Shahi of Sisne Rural Municipality-5 says that the dream of the district residents who were hoping to get quality and accessible services from the hospital established in Rukum (East), which was established as the 77th district, has not yet been fulfilled.

He is saddened that even when he goes to the hospital, he does not get the necessary medicine and he hears complaints from many people who return from the hospital that they return without getting the medicine. Vasant Prakash Shrestha of Sisne Rural Municipality-6 complained that due to the lack of medicine and necessary manpower, the services could not be delivered as expected. He says, “The administration of the hospital is lax.

I feel that there is no monitoring mechanism.” Sunita Pun of Puthauttarganga Rural Municipality-7 comments that the problem of drug shortage has not been solved yet. He says that when the medicine is not available here, the doctor sends him to the private medical and Rukum (West) consulting hospital. Sunita Nepali of Pelma said that she used to walk for two to three days to bring the patient to Rukum (East) Hospital and said that she felt very sad when she was finally referred from here.

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