Inauguration and Handover Ceremony of School Building

Kathmandu, Oct 23ः The four rooms building of Shree Gorakhkalika Secondary School, Bulingtar, Sichang was re-constructed with the joint effort of Bulingtar Rural Municipality, Jagriti Child and Youth Concern Nepal, and KANALLAN in Partnership with Indigo Children’s Fund and The Nemeth Group. During the inauguration ceremony, the school students welcomed all the guest and performed the dance and the program started formally.

The newly constructed building was inaugurated by the chief guest Mr. Shashi Kiran Bastakoti, Chairperson of Bulingtar Rural Municipality and the building was handover to School Management Committee on October 16, 2019. The chief guest Mr. Shashi Kiran Bastakoti with expressing happiness in the program said that the Rural Municipality should take initiation focusing on the quality education.

The devastating earthquake of the 25th of April and the 15th of May 2015 destroyed the building of Shree Gorakhkalika Secondary School. The foundation of four room building re-constructed of Shree Gorakhkalika Secondary School was done with putting the stone jointly laid by Honorable Roshan Bahadur Gaha Magar, Member of Provincial Assembly of Gandaki Province and Mr. Quintin Clover, Founding Director of KANALLAN on 13 December, 2019.

The building was re-constructed with total amount of 7,860,763 (In words; Seventy Eight Lakhs Sixty Thousands Seven Hundred and Sixty Three Rupees), which is contributed by the JCYCN, and KANALLAN in Partnership with Indigo Children’s Fund and The Nemeth Group, amounting NRS. 4,700,000, Bulingtar Rural Municipality amounting NRS. 2,000,000 and the school and community contribution, amounting NRS.1,160,763.

In the inauguration program, Mr. Ambar Nepali, head teacher of the Gorakhkalika Secondary school shared about the income and expenses during the school building construction. He shared about the extracurricular activities conducted in the school about the awareness and interaction program on child rights, child friendly local governance, sanitation, and girl’s empowerment.

Similarly, Mrs. Maina B.K., Vice chairperson of Bulingtar Rural Municipality said that along with the physical development, the role of parents and students is also important for the quality education. Bidrohi Giri, Central Committee Member of Press Chautari Nepal focused on the role of local government and said that the local level governance should help in ensuring quality education, focus on proper ratio of students and children, provide the education materials and conduct awareness program. Mr.

Krishna Chandra Pokharel- Chief of the District Educational Coordination Unit, also shared about the importance of child friendly building and role of local coordination. In the program, Mr. Deu Bahadur Chilaure- Head of Educational Department of Bulingtar Rural Municipality, Mr. Tul Bahadur Rai- Chairperson of School Building Committee, Mr. Shambu Prasad Bastakoti- Head teacher of Shree Tribhuwan Secondary School, and Ms. Sadikshya Saru- President of Child club of Gorakhkalika Secondary School shared their views on the importance of infrastructural development for improving the educational quality.

Mr. Tilottam Paudel, President of JCYCN shared the importance of child friendly infrastructure, collaboration and support for the reconstruction of 4 rooms building of the school and to improve the educational quality. Mr. Tul Bahadur Rai- Chairperson of School Building Committee said that the school building construction work is not the final work but everyone should also focus on the protection of the building. Mr. Hom Nath Jaisi, former president and current patron of JCYCN said that everyone should focus on collaborative initiation of everyone to reduce early marriage and to protect the rights of children.

The building construction committee, school management committee, local representatives, local government, and the representative from JCYCN and KANALLAN had continuously monitored activities during the construction of child friendly 4 rooms building of Gorakhkalika Secondary school. At the end, the school management committee distributed the certificate to JCYCN, and KANALLAN along with Indigo Children’s Fund and The Nemeth Group for acknowledging their valuable support and contribution.

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