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Millions of Chinese people are free from poverty under Xi’s leadership

-Madhav Prasad Tiwari

The ideas and vision of His Excellency President Xi Jinping of the People’s Republic of China, Nepal’s close neighbor and friend, are creating a wave in the world. Books have been published under the title ‘Xi jinping: The Governance of China’ to give information about Xi’s early works. which have been published in four volumes so far.

In the book, it is clearly mentioned that Xi Jinping is skillfully leading the campaign to build ‘Socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era’ while continuing the contributions of leading leaders such as Mao Zedong, Deng Xiaoping, Jiang Zemin, and Hu Jintao, who made significant contributions to the revolution, construction, and reform as well as the renaissance of the Chinese nation.

China’s unprecedented success in governance and economy under the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party has become a subject of general interest, reflection, and curiosity in today’s world. China has achieved unprecedented achievements in the fields of science and technology research, development, and innovation. On September 17, the Shenzhou-12 spacecraft carrying Chinese space scientists successfully completed its mission. Under the leadership of Xi, China is doing unprecedented work in the world.

China is becoming able to face the challenges caused by climate change through the environment-friendly sustainable development adopted by Xi. President Xi’s vision of providing development opportunities to highly developed and developing countries by supporting the construction of physical infrastructure is also described in the book.

The fact that millions of Chinese people have been freed from poverty under Xi’s leadership is also an attraction to the book. The fact that the world is openly appreciating President Xi’s ‘Belt and Road Initiative’ and the number of member countries is increasing will be important for tomorrow. Through the study of the four parts of the book, one can get information about the miraculous success achieved by China in the last decade through the book on the ideological-political approach, policies, programs, and government policies developed for the successful implementation of His Excellency President Xi Jinping. The book also opens the way for the world to learn from China’s success in poverty alleviation and good governance. The book has been published in different languages around the world.

In the book, speeches, instructions, interviews, and documents given by President Xi Jinping on various occasions have also been collected. I have seen that the book helps to understand China’s governance system and model of development and prosperity. I myself gained a lot of knowledge by studying the book. The book has given important information about the foundations of prosperity and success achieved by China and the fundamental foundations of China’s governance system.

My conclusion is that the ideology of Book C is useful for everyone who wants to understand the form of socialism with Chinese characteristics of the new era and gain knowledge about its depth and innovation. After studying the book, the socialism with Chinese characteristics of the new era of Chinese President Xi Jinping’s ideology can be understood as a guiding philosophy to bring the construction of an all-round moderately prosperous society to a decisive level of perfection and to meet the people’s high-level life needs.

It can be read in the book that when President Xi took over the government, he carried out extensive internal restructuring to ensure the rule of law and good governance. In the world’s biggest anti-corruption campaign launched by him, about 1.2 million high-party officials and employees with bad behavior were prosecuted. This campaign is ongoing. The reformation of the practice of showing lavishness, banquets, and lavish gifts was initiated by the President’s Office. C prefers to travel normally in a van rather than driving with a barricade.

Even after becoming a high official, he used to wait in line to eat and pay his own bills. Even those who have fled abroad due to the corruption scandal in China have not been able to make personal accusations against President Xi. In China, even the leaders of the Standing Committee and the heads of the metropolises have been sentenced to death for corruption. Xi has now combined the anti-corruption campaign with a strong Communist Party and the fundamental theoretical question of state-building to create a campaign of renaissance. In the development of China, Mao Zedong, Deng Xiaoping, Jiang Zemin, and Hu Jintao have also played important roles in different periods.

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