१६ आश्विन २०८०, मंगलवार | Tue Oct 3 2023

Kathmandu, Sept 15: Dr Tulasi Acharya has come up with another creation, ‘Mrityu Diary’ (A death diary). The book was launched amidst a programme in the federal capital on Friday. Medical doctors, writer, commentators, publisher, editor, and a cancer survivor jointly released the book.

It is a non-fiction based on painful experiences the writer witnessed among his relatives, including spouse, upon the loss of her parents. In the book release programme, critic Gita Tripathi said the book is an interdisciplinary text, which not only reflects agonizing situation of the writer’s spouse, but also helps in building public awareness against fatal disease, cancer. According to her, the book can be taken as a health awareness toolkit while reflecting a tragedy in a family.

Another critic Prakash Sayami viewed the writer has vividly and honestly brought forth the family calamity in the book. Such texts can be promoted by the Cancer Relief Society, he added. Supple flow of language equally entices the readers, according to him. On the occasion, Dr Pushpamani Kharal, and oncologist Dr Ambuj Karn, who are also mentioned in the book, said timely screening of one’s health can prevent him/her from many diseases.

Language editor of the book, Gopi Krishna Dhungana, said he would like to term it a ‘discourse on death diary’. The mystery and suspense till the end is a unique style the writer applies, he observed. Writer Dr Acharya who has penned about a dozen of books shared that he made honest efforts to bring to light the plight of cancerous person and fear and suffering the relatives undergo.

Sudden death of his mother-in-law, pancreatic cancer in father-in-law and subsequent stress on his spouse are focused in the book along with description of treatment and tragedy resilience, he informed. As the book title suggests, it largely dwells on cancer, its preventive measures and treatment, human response, agony and throes the patient undergoes, doctors’ behaviour, suffering and loss in the family, psychology of death and urgency of awareness for health and against disease. In the programme, even a cancer survivor shared her excruciating camaraderie with cancer. The book is published by Bhundi Puran Publications.

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