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12 operations in seven months under the leadership of Dr. Manoj KC, which increased confidence in the police

Kathmandu, September 2:  There are many excellent investigative officers in Nepal Police, but there is no environment for them to work in one place for at least one year. There are also some examples where some officers have proven themselves to be excellent even in a short period of time. In the police, most of the officers who serve the interests of the organization and the people are victims of political interests.

This is a practice from the past. Because of this, some police officers are more focused on serving the party leaders rather than serving the people of the country. However, many police officers are serving the country and the people. In the police service, it is often heard that people are prosecuted for doing bad work, but it is rarely heard that they are prosecuted for doing good work. A representative case of such a rarely heard case is the transfer of Dr. Manoj KC, head of Kathmandu Valley Crime Investigation Office of Nepal Police.

Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Dr. KC, who opened an investigation file on the gang trying to commit human trafficking in the US by making Nepali citizens fake Bhutanese refugees, was unable to conduct further investigation. The government of KC, which is going to destroy the web of the investigation process by taking additional complaints of 18 victims, transferred them to the police headquarters. He was able to work in that office only for seven months. Investigations of Nepal Police have been very successful.

But as soon as the name of the political leadership is attached, it is a tradition that the investigation is done. There are also police officers who go to the houses of leaders who are involved in crime. Because of this, there were many criticisms that the Nepal Police has become the gatekeeper of the interests of the leaders of the political parties. Since the Nirmala murder case, the public’s trust in the police had almost been broken due to serious negligence by the police in some cases. Both fear and trust in the police were disappearing among the citizens. The parliamentarians also commented that there is no fear or trust in the police during the parliament meeting.

When Arju shed tears in front of the Home Minister

After the investigation into the fake Bhutanese refugee case was started for supplementary cases, under the pressure of Nepali Congress chairman Sher Bahadur Deuba, who is also the former prime minister, the government transferred Dr. KC, the head of the Valley Crime Investigation Office. After Dr. KC started the investigation process with more complaints of 18 victims, Nepali Congress leader Dr. Arju Rana Deuba did not start the campaign to transfer KC anyway for fear of being arrested. For that, her husband Sher Bahadur Deuba called Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister Narayankaji Shrestha to his rented residence in Dhumbarahi and ordered him to be removed immediately. At the same time, Arju joined hands with the Home Minister and requested the immediate transfer of KC. She did not persuade him to get caught otherwise. Which is now being discussed equally within Nepal Police, Nepali Congress and Singh Darbar. Home Minister Shrestha told Deuba that he would not be able to directly remove only KC and promised to transfer Kathmandu Valley Police Chief AIG Shyamalal Gyawali and then transfer KC. The Home Minister said that the transfer of both the police officers was not his wish but he had to transfer them to preserve the power and also held a briefing with the Prime Minister. After that, the news about Gyawali and KC’s immediate transfer became a headline in all the media. Less than a week later, the Ministry of Home Affairs transferred Gyawali and KC. Gyawali was transferred while staying outside the country due to work, while KC was transferred during the investigation of the fake refugee case. His sleep was disturbed after the police head office confirmed that the audio message of the middleman Sandesh Sharma that he had handed over the money to Nepali Congress leader Rana and Manju Khand was Sharma’s. In the said audio, it is said that Rana received 20 million rupees and Congress MP Khand received 60 million rupees.

The Maoists could not keep the workers happy

After Dr KC opened the file of Bhutanese refugees, it was the leader and worker of the ruling CPN Maoist Center who campaigned the most and lobbied to win. They saw Prachanda’s honesty, Narayankaji Shrestha did a good job in the anti-corruption campaign, talking about Prachanda’s leap in establishing good governance, he acted like a fake Bhutanese refugee case. He explained that the government did not insist and have no bias by arresting even the influential leaders of the ruling party. But unfortunately, when the Maoist leaders and workers were trying to create an organization among the people by selling the issue, the government opened the file of fake Bhutanese refugees and started cracking down on the police who had done a good job. The government transferred KC to the police headquarters while investigating the complaints of more victims. Transfer of staff and police officers is a common issue. But even though he is doing a good job, it cannot be considered natural that the officer who is conducting further investigation on the fake refugee case, which the entire government and Maoist workers are celebrating, is being transferred. This confirmed that the file of fake Bhutanese refugees was opened by the will of the Maoist-led government or that those involved in the case were not arrested on the orders of the Prime Minister and Home Minister, but rather that the officers were fearlessly carrying out their duties to protect the honor of a police organization.

What does the Kathmandu Valley Crime Investigation Office do?

It was established in the year 2050 as ‘Kerkar Branch’ under the Kathmandu Police Complex. Later, the Valley Crime Investigation Branch passed through the Metropolitan Crime Investigation Division and now it exists as the Kathmandu Valley Crime Investigation Office. It has been established as a department since November 1, 2063. But this agency, which was with the Kathmandu police complex until much later, has been in Nayabaneshwar for some years. Nepal Police has assigned this office to effectively control and objectively investigate crimes of traditional and modern nature that have appeared in the Kathmandu Valley due to the increasing uncontrolled urbanization, rapid economic transactions, openness, increasing unemployment and illegal activities of organized criminal gangs in the country. Due to the increasing population density of Kathmandu valley and the modern technology used in crime, the main priority of this division is to carry out the performance of this division by qualitatively enhancing it, making maximum use of the available limited resources and means.This office has been working to realize the concept of a safe Kathmandu Valley by investigating and controlling various types of crimes that have occurred in the Kathmandu Valley among the crimes that come under the scope of the cases authorized to be investigated by the police under the Civil Code, 2074.

1. Gang members arrested for smuggling Bhutanese refugees into US

Tankkumar Rai, Keshav Prasad Dulal and Sanu Bhandari, who are involved in fraud by making people like Gajendra Budhathoki to fill the form of Bhutanese refugees by making them to fill the form of Bhutanese refugees by calling and telling them that they are in contact with the high officials of the Nepal government, told them that they will make them Bhutanese refugees and send them to America. Arrested on Chait 12, 2079. Former Home Minister Balkrishna Khand, who is also an influential leader of the Nepali Congress, and his private secretary Narendra KC, Indrajit Rai, then Home Minister and adviser to UML Vice President Ram Bahadur Thapa Badal, Tek Narayan Pandey, Secretary of the Office of the Vice President, who is also a former Home Secretary, UML Secretary Top Bahadur Rayamazhi, who is also a former Energy Minister, and his son. Sandeep Rayamazhi and others were arrested and handed over to the district police premises for necessary action in fraud-related offences. After the complaint of 18 victims again, while further investigation is being done, the head of the office K.C. moved.

2. Brandet arrested for making and selling fake liquor

On 13th January 2079, action was taken against the gangs who produce low quality fake liquors of domestic and foreign brands and sell them on the black market. On January 13, 2079, fake Khukuri rum was recovered during a search of the Next Test Liquor store operated by Niraj Upreti, Lalitpur Metropolitan City Ward No. 01 Kupandol. On January 14, 1979, at various places in Tikathali, Mahalakshmi Municipality, Ward No. 05, various local and foreign brands of liquors were made, fake liquors and chemicals used in making liquor, empty bottles of various local and foreign brands of liquors, used for excise duty. Stickers and leveling and packaging machines and other various materials were recovered. During further investigation in this regard, Niraj Upreti, Ganesh Bahadur Ranamar and Dharmi Gaudel, who were arrested at the ST Liquor store operated by Dharmi Goudel in Mitranagar, Kathmandu, were seized with fake Khukuri rum, Ruslan Vodka, etc. Sent to district police station Lalitpur for necessary investigation.

3. Hyundai dealer arrested

On March 20, 2079, people including Ashish Gajurel, Dipendra Bahadur Malla and Kishore Chaudhary, who were doing financial transactions in the New Road area of ​​Kathmandu without obtaining a license, were monitored on March 20, 2079. And Dipendra Bahadur Malla and Kishore Chaudhary were arrested from Bawarmahal and 78 lakh 50 thousand rupees in cash and mobile phone (3) etc. were seized from them and sent to District Police Precinct Teku for necessary investigation for the offense under Nepal Rashtra Bank Act 2058.

4. Main accused arrested in Buspark Lotse Mall robbery

On February 1, 2079, a public holiday of People’s War Day, at Kathmandu Metropolitan City Ward No. 16 Machhapokhari Chowk, Nepal Transport Independent Workers’ Organization, Nepal Transport Workers’ Association and All Nepal Transport Workers’ Association protested with various 10 (ten) demands including the issue of traffic enforcement. Demonstrators vandalized police vans, police vans, traffic islands And Elaraj Gurung, Indra Tamang, Madhav Shahi, Taple alias Suraj Magar, Sigane alias Roman Nagarkoti, Sunil Kalikote, Sudip Tamang, Vikas Gurung, Constituent Pariyar, Keshar Rai, Harisharan Tamang, Rajan Raut and Kavin Khadgi were arrested on February 3. Arrested and sent to Police Circle Balaju for necessary investigation and action.

5. Tibetans who obtained Nepali citizenship arrested

Krishna Bahadur Katuwal, who was involved in denying Nepali citizenship to non-Nepali Tibetans by preparing false documents and using the seal of the ward office, made fake recommendation, educational certificates of various people, Nepali citizenship certificate, citizenship form with blank name, Nepali cash three Lakh fifty thousand five hundred only, various stamps Than-4, Mobile Than-2 were arrested. Similarly, Nyulkesh Shrestha was arrested from Babarmahal in Kathmandu with mobile phone, Hiralal Sivakoti from Sanepa in Lalitpur with educational certificate, fake driver’s license, mobile Than-2, Bijay Lama and Lobsang Thinle were arrested from Babarmahal and Baneshwar in Kathmandu on 6th of Chait 2079 with mobile phones and citizenship. And the offense under the Citizenship Act has been sent to the district police complex for necessary investigation and action.

6. Chinese involved in fraud arrested

Buddhiraj Shrestha, Indra Bahadur Tamang, Rajkumar Lama, Prayas Bhandari, Arjun Shrestha, Ravina Sunuwar, Sunita Gurung, Christina Lama alias Jamuna Gole, Anita, who cheated Abhishek Chamlagai and others by asking them to order goods through WhatsApp messages of 48 lakh 26 thousand 52 rupees. Chinese nationals including Magar and Anu GurungHUANG  HUANRONG, XU FUXIANG, LAN ZHENGWEI, XIE GUO YI, XIE SHUANG DI, GAO MING, EHOU PING VING, CHEN DUR LIN and LI JIAN HONG were arrested on 15th Chait 2079 from various places in Kathmandu and sent to District Police Complex Teku for necessary action for fraud related offences.

7. Indian arrested for Nepalese citizenship

Bharat Prasad Gupta, who has been living in various places by purchasing houses and land and doing business after submitting false information and obtaining certificates of Nepalese citizenship, after India became a permanent homeland, and when citizenship-making teams from various districts of Nepal were deployed on the spot,  Gyanmati Devi Gupta, Rahul Gupta, Gopal Gupta, Bharat Gupta, Sneh Lata Gupta, Ram Prabesh Gupta, Meena Devi Gupta, Ram Sundar Guptakanu and Rajesh Kumar Gupta were arrested on 23rd May 2080 from various places in Kathmandu and taken necessary action for citizenship related offences. For this, the district police complex was sent to Teku.

8. Speculators and crypto-currency traders arrested

He also took possession of other digital wallets and bank accounts in the names of different people, QR codes of mobile phones and other digital wallets and bank accounts and contacted different people and made bets by betting money with the aim of winning and losing and making a profit by contacting different people and betting on various games online through One X Bet. Dinesh Khadka and Anita Dhital, who are involved in playing the game, on 30th June 2080 Roshan Khatiwada alias Pawan, Jalan Magar alias Marichman Shrestha alias Balchi Dhurve, Raju Paudel alias Raju Master, Ganesh Devkota, Alis Rai, Begum Nepali alias Bhatbhate Maila, who were involved in inciting to engage in betting on 31st June 2080. And Saroj Ghimire alias Dhedu Budho was arrested from various places in Kathmandu and sent to District Police Complex Teku for necessary investigation and action for the offense according to the rules of Nepal Rashtra Bank.

9. Insurance fraudsters arrested

Naib Subba Pashupati Adhikari working in the Foreign Employment Board who has a half-baked house and cheats Nepalese people who died while working abroad for foreign employment and who died while coming to Nepal on vacation, saying that they will give the insurance amount to the relatives of the deceased. Seven people, including Umesh Budhathoki, a junior officer working in Suryajyoti Life Insurance Company, residing in Bhaktapur Changunarayan, have been arrested and sent to the District Police Complex, Teku for necessary action.

10. Robbers arrested

Ravin Damai, Ravi Bishwakarma, Umesh Chhetri and Rahul Majhi, who stole the gold necklaces worn by women walking on foot in the morning in the Kathmandu Valley, on 22nd of June 2080, along with the stolen gold from near Budhanilkanth and Battisputli Ram Mandir in Kathmandu, to Srikant Maiti who bought the stolen gold June 24th. He was arrested along with a gold locket that was stolen from Silpa Jewelers in New Road, Kathmandu and was sent to District Police Complex Teku for necessary investigation and action.

11. Arrest involved in gold smuggling

Naresh Panjiar, Dinesh Kumar Yadav, Bhum Bahadur Oli, Sunil Kumar Mahara, Sant Ghulam Murao, who were coming to Nepal from Nepal Air Service Corporation Flight RA 240 coming to Kathmandu from Qatar on the morning of 24th June 2080, arrived at Tribhuvan International Airport with gold illegally brought in to evade customs. Arrested with 291.57 grams of gold from the parking lot towards the room. Vinod Kumar Sah, Sanju Kumari Sah, Durga Prasad Yadav and Devanandan Sah, who reached the airport to collect the gold, were also arrested from the airport, and Nimai Sah, who bought the gold under customs evasion, was arrested with 251.17 grams of gold from Bagbazar in Kathmandu. Mohan Kumar Yadav and Shiv Sunder Raut, who were involved in the gold transaction, were arrested with cash from Siraha and sent to District Police Complex Teku for necessary action for offenses including organized crime.

12 Bangladeshi nationals arrested for kidnapping and demanding ransom

Bangladesh Citizen Passport No. EF0877264 BAHAK RAJON, PASSPORT NO. A05828832 CARRIER FARHAD HOSSEN, MD NAZMUL , PASSPORT NO. A04477070 BAHAK MD EYASIN, IBRAHIM HOSSEN, PASSPORT NO. A02720652 BAHAK MD AL AMIN, PASSPORT NO. EB0710119 bearer SHAPNA, passport no. A11254570 carrier RUMA AKTER, including 8 people, brought them to Nepal from Bangladesh to various hotels in Kathmandu saying that they will send them to different countries via Nepal for foreign employment. Nepali and Bangladeshi nationals AMIR HUSSEN, Salim Miya, MD MOSHIUR RAHAMAN and Tara Nepali, who were involved in the incident of kidnapping and holding their bodies hostage in massage centers, and Roshni Rai, Bangladeshi citizens Tahmina Begum and Jahangir Alam were arrested on 27th July 2080. In addition, 8 Bangladeshi nationals including 2 female victims were rescued and sent to the district police complex for necessary investigation and action against kidnapping and organized crime.

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