१७ जेष्ठ २०८०, बुधबार | Wed May 31 2023

Preparations on for conducting fitness test of vehicles using machinery equipment

Kathmandu, March 27: Preparation has been made to check fitness of vehicles by using machine equipment after around one decade of its purchase. The Vehicle Fitness Test Centre (VFTC), Teku, has forwarded preparation to test the fitness of vehicles by machine. According to VFTC, the centre has not come into operation in lack of work procedure even after repair and maintenance of the vehicle test equipment.

The Department of Transport Management has started discussion regarding criteria of operation of the VFTC. Chief of VFTC, Maniram Bhusal, said although the centre has not been operated regularly after the repair and maintenance of the machinery equipment, it is operating sometimes. He added, “Although the Vehicle Act has mentioned about the fitness test of vehicles, it has not been made mandatory.”

It is not necessary to check the fitness of new car for few years. Bhusal shared that criteria would be made based on the suggestions of experts regarding making fitness test of what types of vehicles mandatory. He further said, “We are in ready position to operate the centre soon after getting the criteria. Fitness of both-light and heavy vehicles can be tested.” Fitness of vehicles should be checked in every six months. It is not mandatory to private vehicles to check their fitness in Nepal. However, only emission test of private vehicles is mandatory in Nepal. Around 2,500-3,000 vehicles visit the Centre for the emission test in a month.

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