१६ चैत्र २०७९, बिहीबार | Thu Mar 30 2023

Kapilbastu to host world’s largest Buddha statue

Kapilbastu, March 17: The world’s largest statue of the Buddha is to be constructed in Kapilbastu. The 245 metres tall statue will be installed within Kapilbastu Municipality area. A memorandum of understanding (MoU) has been signed to this effect between the International Buddhist Centre and the Kapilbastu Municipality today. Centre chief Choing Qui Seng Steward and Municipality mayor Sudip Poudel signed the MoU.

The statue will be constructed to give a glimpse of the 29 years spent by the Buddha, said Mohan Gautam, the Centre’s representative in Nepal. Mayor Poudel expressed his happiness over the construction of the world’s largest statue in Kapilbastu. Installation of the world’s biggest Buddha statue in the town is a matter of pride, he said. Vice-chair of the Lumbini Development Trust, Bhikkhu Metteya said the construction of the statue will add new dimension in Kapilbastu’s development.

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