२ बैशाख २०८१, आईतवार | Sun Apr 14 2024

Jumla, March 17: The farmers of Jumla have become worried because of disease insects in the apple plants. Nar Rawat of Tila Rural Municipality-1 said that the main source of income of Jumli farmers is apples, which has worried the apple farmers that there will be a decrease in production. As soon as insect infestation is found in the apple orchard, I consult an agricultural technician.

No worries about irrigation, fertilizer. Dal Bahadur Rawat, an apple farmer of Tila Rural Municipality-2, who is worried about how to protect apple plants from disease insects, informed. As easy as it is to plant seedlings in an apple garden, it is difficult to grow apples by growing more seedlings. Rawat, an apple farmer, said, “Every year there is an infection of some kind of disease or insect. Therefore, it should be maintained throughout the year.” In the garden last year, there was an outbreak of leafhoppers and cutworms. But apple farmer Rawat says that it was detected in time and eradicated it by using pesticides.

According to the agriculture branch of the local level, there are complaints that the problem has appeared in most of the apple orchards in the district. Purnaprasad Choulagari, a local resident of Tatopani Rural Municipality informed that due to the infestation of perennial disease insect in Jumli apple, the production has decreased. According to Horticulture Research Center Jumla, before planting apple plants, the apple plants of Bhale and Mau varieties should be clearly separated. According to District Agricultural Development Office Jumla, about 40 percent of apple plants are destroyed every year due to diseases and insects, said Ganesh Adhikari, head of the office. According to the Agriculture Development Office, Jumla, apple cultivation has been done in an area of ​​4,250 hectares across the district.

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