१६ चैत्र २०७९, बिहीबार | Thu Mar 30 2023

The heat increased

Kathmandu 21 Feb: This year’s winter has ended and summer has started. In the last few days, the temperature has been continuously increasing and the heat has been felt, according to the Department of Water and Meteorology, Weather Forecasting Division. Rojan Lamichhane, a meteorologist of the division, said that summer has started early this year due to insufficient winter rains and increased dryness.

He said, “Now the maximum and minimum temperatures are increasing. Since the western wind is not active, the temperature has increased and the heat has been felt quickly because of the lack of rain. Last year, the winter rains were good because the western winds were more active in the winter. According to meteorologists, there was no rain this time because the weather system that produces rain is not effective.

According to meteorologist Lamichhane, the temperature is increasing as the pre-monsoon season is approaching. Despite the development of a weather system that produces winter rains, it has not had an active effect, so there has been more rain in the Far West and Karnali regions of the country.

Due to the lack of expected rain in the rest of the region, the farmers who planted the crops are also in trouble. Drought has also affected the environment. Generally, winter rain in Nepal starts in the second week of December and lasts till the second week of February. But this year the winter rain was not enough.

According to the latest details of the department, the minimum temperature in Kathmandu today is 10 degrees Celsius and the maximum temperature is 24 degrees Celsius. According to religious belief, during Shivaratri festival, the weather becomes misty and it gets cold to some extent. But this year it did not rain even during Shivratri. At present, there is a partial influence of western winds in the country.

Due to the effect of this weather system, there is now a partial to normal change in the hilly areas of the country including Province No. 1 and a partial change in the rest of the country. There is a possibility of light rain in a couple of places in the hilly areas of Province No. 1. The Division has informed that there is a possibility of light snowfall in few places in the high hills and Himalayan regions of the country.

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