९ फाल्गुन २०८०, बुधबार | Wed Feb 21 2024

September 24, Kathmandu. The makers of ultra-premium whisky Bandipur and Gurkhas & Guns have launched the highly anticipated Yeti Vodka in the market.

With a lot of hype and fanfare created through their eye-catching creative ads, Yeti Vodka comes in a unique, non-traditional bottle and a funky label that is sure to capture the consumer’s attention.

Company spokesperson says, “After the success of Bandipur and Gurkhas & Guns, we wanted to offer a vodka of the highest quality made with top quality spirit to the modern Nepali consumer. We feel Yeti Vodka is at par if not better than any international vodkas.”

Yeti Vodka is quadruple distilled and triple platinum filtered for unparalleled smoothness with patented technologies from Switzerland.

The spokesperson further states,” Our special blend takes you on a magical journey of flavours – silky smooth on the palate with a distinctly bright mouthfeel and pleasantly sweet finish as well as a bottle enveloped with the most striking label.”

Yeti has launched in all major markets nationwide in 3 sizes, 750ml, 375ml and 180ml priced at Rs.2,200, Rs.1,100 and Rs.550, respectively.

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